First impressions are crucial, to know the aware. Whether we like it or not, we are hardwired to form opinions about things rapidly and for reasons that aren’t always clear to us. Your Instagram account is no different. Due to the visual nature of Instagram, it is crucial that your bio captures the attention of potential followers and encourages them to click the “follow” button.

Two hundredths of a second is all it takes for someone to decide whether they like your material or not, according to research from the University of Missouri. If you want to attract more Instagram users and set yourself out from the pack, read on for some helpful hints and some examples of bios that work.

Instagram Profile Formats

First, we need to establish what it is that you hope to convey. What do you hope people will take away from your choice of words, visuals, and colour scheme? You may use your bio in a variety of ways to reflect your brand’s personality. The most popular Instagram bios include the following:

  • Keeping a personal account short and sweet, with no more than a quotation or witty quip, is a typical practise. Some of them don’t even provide any context beyond a link to an external source.
  • In-depth descriptions of the goods and services that a company provides. An excellent strategy for introducing people to your brand or business on Instagram if you haven’t already done so.
  • Marketing Through Branding: More emphasis on the company’s core values and guiding principles. This is a standard structure for multi-national corporations’ bios, as most readers will already be familiar with the company and its offerings.
  • Creators whose primary goal is to amuse their audiences often choose humorous or lighthearted biographies. Typically seen in creator profiles. It’s a gamble for companies, but if you hit the right note, it may pay off.
  • Motivating and Inspiring: A Strategy Employed by Self-Improvement Accounts to Inspire and Motivate Their Audiences. Bios like this often appear on accounts devoted to business inspiration, health and wellbeing, or the mental health of its followers.

What You Need for a Good Instagram Profile Photo

Your profile image is a visual representation of you and your interests on Instagram. The immense success of the photo-sharing app Instagram illustrates that the ancient adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is as relevant now as it was a century ago.

You should pay close attention to the dimensions of your profile image. The proper resolution for this image is 180 pixels on each side. Check that the picture is sharp and matches the space you’ve been given.

A well-lit, well-posed headshot that conveys your message (confidence, friendliness, determination, etc.) is ideal for people or personal brands. A logo is standard practise for businesses and helps to promote recognition of the brand.

Name and Instagram Handle

Instagram gives you the choice between two distinct ways to display your name. Both your account name (or “handle”) and the name you select to use as your profile’s title (or “display name”) are required fields. Many people use a shortened version of their real name as their handle and include their full name on their profile. Both of these names can be used in a search.

Obviously, you want your username(s) to convey who you are and what you do. A relevant emoji or term may also be used here. There is a character count restriction of 29 so be careful!

You could want to add “official” to your name or try to get that coveted blue tick mark if you have a sizable fan base.

Details of the Account

There’s only so much you can say about yourself in just 150 characters, so choose your words carefully. If you want more people to start following you, explain who you are and what you do, and throw in some marketing speak. Be careful to provide in details about any physical locations you may have.

Details for Making Contact

Instagram also allows you to include your phone number and email address for others to get in touch with you. You must include your contact information in this part if you want potential consumers to have a means to get in touch with you.


Instagram only lets you include one link in your bio, so make it count. Your website, blog, landing page, Kickstarter page, etc. may all be linked to. Wherever it is that you feel comfortable directing interested guests. Your most recent content or product might be featured here; it could also be promoted in Instagram posts, live broadcasts, or on IGTV.

Cross-Promotion of Hashtags and Usernames

You may use your bio to advertise your other profiles if you have more than one account. You may also use this to spread the word about trending hashtags that you’ve developed.

Avoid using trending hashtags, since doing so may cause viewers to leave your site and never return.

Vary the Font Size and Style

Using a non-standard font in your bio is a simple yet effective way to draw attention to yourself. Don’t go crazy with it though; legibility should always come first.


Emojis are a fun and easy way to personalise your Instagram profile.

Emojis are now widely used and accepted by everybody with a smartphone. Emojis are a fun way to spice up boring text and draw the reader in. You can convey just about anything with an emoji, so try using one at the opening or conclusion of your profile.

Highlighted Articles

Finally, highlighted stories simplify the process of navigating your site and give consumers a taste of what they may anticipate to find there.

To maximise the impact of your featured articles, think about the topics that would interest your target audience and produce content in those areas. For maximum effect, create exclusive story covers that reflect your brand’s aesthetic.

How To Write Engaging Instagram Bio?