From its early days as a way to connect friends and family, social media has evolved into a highly effective marketing tool for companies of all sizes.

That breakthrough allowed businesses to gain more visibility while also expressing a more distinct brand voice.

Some of the most inventive brands, like Innocent Drinks, for example, were able to quickly gain considerable attention from their potential customers thanks to an unconventional social media strategy.

A TikTok Channel Dedicated to Non-Intoxicating Beverages

A few random posts won’t cut it anymore to get the user’s attention, let alone their active involvement, with your brand due to the rapid evolution of social media platforms and features over the last few years.

In-depth investigation, audience analysis, and copious amounts of creativity are essential today for a successful social media strategy.

In case it hasn’t dawned on you yet, modern social media users place a premium on genuineness. This is what effective social media marketing entails now, and it’s what’s propelled a wide range of businesses to new heights of success and widespread acclaim.
With the help of the most downloaded filters on TikTok, Innocent Drinks has become a global phenomenon.

Like Ryanair, Innocent Drinks has figured out what its TikTok audience enjoys and is expanding its output accordingly.

Innocent Drinks took advantage of the fact that the face filter is currently one of the most used TikTok effects by incorporating it into a number of their comedic TikToks.
Since humorous content does well on TikTok, Innocent Drinks took a similar approach, opting for a warm and relatable tone in its TikTok videos.
Innocent Drinks uses multiple points of view in TikTok videos as part of its overarching strategy for the platform, which centres on the difficulties social media managers face when trying to come up with an effective creative concept for TikTok advertising.

Rather than being overtly promotional, Innocent Drinks’ content on TikTok is warm and conversational, making the brand more approachable.

From a performance standpoint, Innocent Drinks’ above-mentioned approach on TikTok resulted in an incredible year-over-year engagement rate of over 10% and a follower growth rate of 10.33%.

Innocent Beverages

We’ve established that strategic social media marketing can have a significant impact on a company’s reputation and bottom line by driving up brand recognition, website traffic, and ultimately, sales.

New social media platforms are constantly appearing and growing in popularity; therefore, it is strongly suggested that you give social media marketing a try.

Instagram Reels, like TikTok, is one of the latest generation of social media features designed to inspire users to make videos.

Innocent Drinks has found that the most successful form of social media post is the simple image.
Innocent Drinks uses Instagram as part of its marketing strategy, engaging with its target demographic in a conversational, personable manner, with occasional forays into lighthearted banter.

If we had to pick one distinguishing feature of Innocent Drink’s Instagram account, it would have to be the brand’s signature humorous tone.
With an average engagement rate of 0.70%, only slightly lower than the platform’s average, it can be concluded that Innocent Drinks aces the game of getting Instagram’s community sympathy through its bubbly brand personality.

TikTok versus Instagram

Innocent Drinks maintains its distinct and easily recognisable tone of voice across all of its social channels, despite the fact that it typically develops platform-tailored content adapted to each network’s particular audiences and preferences.
According to Innocent Drinks’ social media manager Marcus Dean, the company’s three main content pillars are “soft product promotion,” “the force of good,” or CSR-related social media posts, and “branded randoms,” which are the most popular posts.

To some extent, other brands can learn from Innocent Drinks’ social media strategy and success by emulating the company’s emphasis on being approachable rather than promotional. Keep in mind what Marcus once told you: “the secret is to make people see themselves in you.”

Despite Innocent Drinks’ initial success on Instagram, the company has seen much more significant growth on TikTok thanks to the popularity of its creative video content strategy and the platform’s rapidly expanding user base.
I used Socialinsider’s TikTok and Instagram analytics features, which show more in-depth metrics like best-performing posts, top hashtags by average engagement, total video plays, and other insightful KPIs, to compare Innocent Drinks’ performance on these two platforms.

Moreover, the software provides the option to perform a multi-channel measurement, providing you with brand information from a variety of sources.

Last but not least, you can learn about your competitors’ strategies by obtaining social data for any of their social profiles.

Concluding Ideas

The brand’s marketing materials, including social media posts, have set a positive tone and positioned the company as friendly and approachable.

Innocent Drinks’ marketing strategy is interesting because the majority of the brand’s exposure comes from organic content rather than paid advertising.

Your own marketing strategy is sure to benefit from the lessons learned from Innocent Drinks’ social media plan.T

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