You want more Instagram engagement and you don’t know how to get it.

Want to hear more direct reactions from your viewers?

Learn how to make a poll in Instagram Stories and keep tabs on the votes here.

How to Make a Survey?

You’ll need to post a new Instagram Story in order to take advantage of the polling functionality. Read this post again if you need a refresher on tale construction.

Start by making a story post

Your poll will have more of an impact if there is some background information included in your narrative post.

Get a picture or write up some words and make a background for your article. You can embellish your post with filters, text, emoticons, and doodles, but remember to allow place for the poll.

Incorporate a Poll into Your Tale Post

Choose the Poll sticker from the Sticker menu (the square with the face) at the top of the Story screen.
A text box where you can type in your query and a poll with yes/no options will emerge.
Simply enter your query into the text box provided. Get imaginative with the questions you pose to your listeners. Further examples of this are provided below.
Tapping in each box (yes or no) and typing in your own response allows you to personalise the poll results. There can be a maximum of two response options per poll, each of which can be any text up to 26 characters in length.

Post Your Survey

Click the green checkmark or Done button after you’re finished making adjustments to your poll. Your story’s screen will be centred on the poll sticker. The poll sticker may be repositioned by dragging it, and its size can be adjusted by pinching it, just like any other sticker.

Tell Your Tale

Finish your post like any other post on your stories and add it.

People checking out your tales will notice the post and have the opportunity to cast a vote. When people encounter a poll for the first time, they can get a pop-up explaining what it is.

Keep an eye on the polling data

If you activate push notifications after publishing your Instagram Stories poll, Instagram will notify you whenever someone casts a vote.
see your Stories, tap the viewers displayed at the bottom of the Story post, or swipe up to see the post analytics to get the full breakdown of your poll results and other Story statistics.

To see who visited your post and who selected which poll option, go to the analytics tab and tap on the eye icon for the post (not the graph icon).
Keep in mind that you may only view the poll results while the story is still active. Once a story has been archived, its metrics will no longer be visible on your other accounts. Make sure to remind yourself to retrieve your poll data before the story ends.

Innovative Methods to Use Polls

Now that anyone can embed a poll into their post, you should expect to see many of individuals using them in ad hoc ways. Don’t just add to the din with your polls; put some thought and originality into them instead. Employ them prudently, not just because you can.

There is no substitute for coming right out and asking your audience what they want. A poll is a fast and reliable method for this.

Some examples of questions you could ask for feedback are:

  • Something that you sell
  • Varieties of a product that can be purchased.
  • Time of day (day or night) that works best for you, possibly for Instagram Live broadcasts
  • Preferred method of contact, such as email or text messaging
  • Article Suggestions

Make use of Breaking News

Use a timely incident or hot subject to spark conversation. Asking questions, either facetiously or seriously, about subjects to which the vast majority of your audience can connect is an excellent way to increase participation and engagement.

Asking for feedback through a poll can contribute significantly to your study, whether you’re writing a blog article or trying to find authentic data from your audience for another project. You can expand your sample size by including those who saw your post in Instagram Stories as well as those who saw it on other social media sites or in reaction to a standard Instagram post.
Additional content for Instagram or other social media posts can be derived from your research.

Conceive of Activities

If your company regularly holds events, you should poll attendees to find out what kind of experience they’d want to have. You can poll your guests on anything from the menu to the drinks to the decorations.

Instagram contests are a great way to gain exposure and new followers. One way to get people excited about and involved in your contest is to conduct a poll to find out what kind of reward they would like to see offered.


Instagram Stories polls can be used in a wide variety of innovative ways. Use these as a jumping off point and invite your listeners to join in. However, you shouldn’t abuse the polling feature or the quality of responses from your audience may suffer.

How To Leverage Polls On Instagram Stories?