Instagram Reels, a new feature that allows users to easily share and find short, funny films, has been officially announced today.

You may use Reels to make entertaining films that you can then upload to Instagram and share with your followers. Create 15-second films using several clips, audio, effects, and modern video editing software. Share reels with your followers in Feed, and if you have a public account, the whole Instagram community may watch them in a dedicated section of Explore. With Reels in Explore, anybody can take their Instagram content creation to a worldwide audience.

Reel Production

Choose Reels from the Instagram camera’s settings menu. On the left side of your screen, you’ll find a suite of powerful editing options, ready to be put to use in the production of your reel.

Find an audio clip by browsing Instagram’s music catalogue. Recording a reel with your own unique audio is another option. Anyone who views your shared reel with original audio will be able to use that audio in their own reels by clicking the “Use Audio” button.
Affects of Augmented Reality: To record several films with unique effects, choose from the many available in our effect collection, which were made by Instagram users and other producers from across the world.
You may record any of your clips hands-free with the built-in timer and countdown. When you push the record button, a three-two countdown will appear before the recording begins for the time you set.
In order to make transitions between scenes, such as when a character changes clothes or when Increase your followers, it is helpful to line up things from the previous clip before recording the next.
Accelerate or decelerate the playback of the selected video or audio segment at your discretion. You may use this to create slow-motion films or to keep time with the music.
You have the option of recording a reel all at once, in a sequence of segments, or by importing already videos from your library. Start by pushing and holding the capture button to record the first video. As you record, a bar will appear at the top of the screen to show you how far along you are. A clip is complete when recording is halted.

Exchange of Films

Through Explore, Instagram users may both find and share videos with their own communities.

If you have a Public Account, your highlight reel will appear in its own section of Explore, giving it greater exposure. Posting to your Feed is another option for broadcasting your reel to promote your audience. If you share a reel with a certain music, hashtag, or effect, it may show up on a page just for that track, hashtag, or effect.
Reels respects your Instagram privacy settings if you have a private account. You may limit who sees your highlight reel by sharing it solely to your Feed. Original audio from your reels will not be used, and your reels will not be shared with anybody who is not a follower.
After you’ve finished editing your reel, you can share it with others by clicking the “Share” button. Here you may choose a cover picture, write a caption, use hashtags, and add friends to the post. Once your reel has been shared, it will appear in a dedicated Reels section of your profile. Sharing to your Feed will also add your reel to the main profile grid, from which you can delete it if desired.

Your reel may be shared with your Story, select friends, or by direct message regardless of whether your account is public or private. If you do this, your reel won’t be shared to Reels in Explore, won’t show up on your profile, and will disappear after 24 hours, just like a standard Story.

Taking in Films

Reels in Explore highlight Instagram’s most popular and engaging cultural content. Explore a fun montage of Instagram videos created by anybody in a vertical stream curated just for you. If you enjoy a reel, you can quickly show your appreciation by interacting with it on social media.

There will also be reels labelled “Featured” that you may watch. You will be notified if your clip is selected for Explore. Instagram’s featured reels are public reels that have been hand-picked to help you find the kind of creative material that will hopefully delight and inspire you.

With Reels, anybody with the desire to become a creator can find their voice, explore their passions on Instagram, and shine in the spotlight.

Instagram’s new highlight reel format