Several companies have come to see the value of Instagram Stories in increasing interaction with their audience.

You’re doing your business a huge favour by using Instagram Stories. In order to get the most out of this content format, however, you need familiarise yourself with the eight Instagram Stories elements that increase interaction, as well as examples from well-known businesses on how to utilise these features. Why don’t we just jump in?

Eight Instagram Stories features proven to increase interaction

1. Hashtags that specify a user’s physical location and geolocation

Increasing organic reach and interacting with your target audience is a simple method to enhance engagement. More interaction is possible with increased exposure to your content. Getting your Stories in front of the appropriate people is crucial if you want to increase engagement, which is the degree to which users interact with your material.

2. Polls

It’s human tendency to keep things in the spotlight, so it’s no surprise that 80 percent of social media posts are about the users’ own opinions and values.

People today are not hesitant to voice their ideas online and enjoy engaging in lively online discussions with others. The poll sticker, which is a single-question poll for Stories, is a fantastic way to get people talking and involved with your account.

3. Sticker Test

The quiz sticker increases interaction with your brand since people enjoy taking quizzes as a means to self-discovery and self-evaluation. does more than just keep its audience interested by putting its brand logo in every post.

4. Queries

Having a large fan base doesn’t necessitate constant communication with potential buyers. After you’ve got people’s attention, you need to put their minds at ease and answer all their queries so they can make a purchase.

One of the most crucial parts of the customer lifecycle is the discovery phase, where potential customers learn more about your business and product and determine if you can meet their demands.

5. Fifth, a Slider of Emoticons

An emoji slider was introduced as a new feature for Instagram Stories in 2018. You may now ask your followers more nuanced questions by just moving the emoji to the left or right to indicate your preference. Users are more likely to become involved in the voting process as a result of the emotional context provided by the emojis.

6. Sticker that may be purchased

Providing for your clients’ desires and requirements is a certain way to increase their loyalty to your brand. Thus, it is crucial to have stickers that may be shopped. Why? Instagram has evolved into a potent sales tool over the past several years, with 83% of users actively looking for new goods on the site.

Simply said, boosting consumer engagement through in-app product discovery and purchase is a must.

7. Sticker with a Countdown Seven

Background pictures for Instagram Stories can be found and repurposed from stock photo libraries if a dedicated in-house design team is unavailable. If you can attract the attention of your intended demographic with the design, it won’t be hard to convince your followers to check out your limited-time offer.

8. A Link That Pops Up When You Swipe It Up

When using Instagram for promotional purposes, account expansion is probably high on your list of priorities. Any company, no matter how big or small, may benefit from a large following, but once you get 10,000 followers, you can use the swipe up function in Instagram Stories.

Whether you’re trying to drive traffic to a landing page for lead generation or a specific blog article, adding a swipe up link will allow you to easily guide interested viewers to the appropriate location on your website. You can now provide your followers with valuable information about your business and its offerings without ever having to leave the app.

Here’s the Deal

As more and more individuals and companies join Instagram, it becomes increasingly difficult to be heard. Increase interaction on Instagram Stories if you want to attract your target audience and communicate with prospective consumers on the platform.

Eight Instagram Story Functions That Drive More Interactions And Some Good Examples