For businesses hoping to broaden their customer base and boost the number of sales, Instagram’s massive user base makes it an ideal advertising platform.

Instagram is used by over 36 percent of B2B decision-makers for product and service discovery.
Whether you’re brand new to Instagram or have years of experience under your belt, you’ll find something useful in this article’s collection of marketing strategies for the site.

A look at Instagram marketing techniques for businesses in 2023

Make sure you’re logged in as a business

You need a Business account since you are a business. A Business Instagram account is still the way to go if you’re not a company but still want to attract followers.

What follows is the rationale.

For example, below are some of the services that are only available to Business account holders and not to those with Personal accounts:

  • Ads on Instagram
  • Analytics for Instagram
  • Purchasing on Instagram
  • Include a call to action (CTA) and contact details on your profile.
  • Two different email accounts for receiving messages

A Creator account offers special perks to content producers and opinion leaders. Marketers, though, have a much better chance of Instagram marketing success if they use a company account.

Set some concrete objectives.

Almost certainly, you have some end goal in mind if you’re engaging in Instagram marketing.

You must have well-defined goals in order to achieve any measure of success on the site. Willingness to:

Raise product visibility?
Connect with your clientele?
How about establishing your company’s identity in the digital sphere?
Want to increase your sales and leads?
Get people to your website, what are you waiting for?
Create trust in your internet presence?
Make a sale without leaving the app?
One need not restrict oneself to the pursuit of a single objective, but may pursue many simultaneously. Yet, Instagram marketing is unlikely to be successful unless you have clear goals in mind.

Enhance your online persona

You need to generate a good impression on those who don’t know much about your business based on your profile.

You can only describe what it is you do and why people should follow your Instagram account in 150 characters. Hence, keep your bio brief, but be sure to include all the relevant details.

Luckily, there are more options where you can provide more information about your business and make it simpler for potential customers to discover more about what you have to offer (s). Among these are:

Included in search: 30 characters of your name.
In general, you should limit your username (or handle) to no more than 30 characters to make it searchable.
Your niche: a promotional tool that summarises your company’s mission and values without eating up your allotted bio space.
Your website, or the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that may be used to access it.
Details for getting in touch: A means of informing others how to get in touch with you.
Calls to action (CTAs) let Instagram users contact you without ever leaving your profile.

Choose an appropriate image for your profile.

If you’re a company, your profile picture on Instagram should be your logo. A logo establishes trust and lets people quickly recognise who you are.

You may rest certain that Instagram stores your 320×320 pixel profile photo even if it only displays at 110×110. If you want your profile picture to look its best regardless of whether Instagram alters its layout, you should use a 320×320 pixel photo.

If your logo, on the other hand, is square, you may need to zoom out to fit it entirely within the circle.

Produce something that’s aesthetically pleasing

In order to attract followers, it is essential that your Instagram feed be visually appealing. Your photos and films should be well-lit, well-composed, and clear even if you don’t have professional gear.

It is important that any visual aids you employ, like as infographics or animations, are legible, interesting, and easy to understand.

You want your visuals to be appealing to the eye, but also interesting to the viewer. Even if your images are breathtaking, they won’t interest your viewers if they don’t have anything to do with the story you’re trying to convey.

Listed below are some potential topics for your next update:

  • Paragraphs from famous people, as well as pictures written in text
  • Share what goes on behind-the-scenes at your business with your followers.
  • Posts that provide guidance on how to do something can help you gain followers and keep them.
  • Instagram’s standard video length restriction is 60 seconds, however with IGTV, you may upload videos that are far longer than that.
  • UGC and Reposts: Authenticity of a brand may be demonstrated to potential customers through user-generated content.

When more people find your material interesting, they may share it in their own news feeds or on their Stories, expanding your audience. Focus on making content that people will want to share when planning your Instagram marketing campaign.

Create an Instagram identity for your company

Instagram feed aesthetics should be taken into account when you choose what to publish. Remember your Instagram style (presets, fonts, and colour palette) while you’re making new posts.

Maintaining a constant style across your content helps consumers easily recognise your brand and makes them more likely to make a purchase from you.

Captioning is an art form; perfect yours

That’s right, we just mentioned that Instagram is mostly a visual medium. Yet, this is not an excuse to ignore caption quality. Maintaining a similar brand voice in all of your Instagram posts is just as vital as maintaining a consistent brand appearance.

Instagram captions may be up to 2,200 characters long; however, you don’t always need to use the whole length of the app’s character count. As long as they are informative, interesting, and simple to read, short captions may be just as successful as longer ones.

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