You snap a picture that you know will go viral, then spend hours perfecting it in Instagram’s editing tools, researching the appropriate hashtags, and crafting the ideal caption. You receive a few likes and some bland remarks on your great photo, and then… nothing. Why is it so hard to get followers on Instagram, and what are you doing wrong?

Investigating Instagram’s Insights might lead you to the solution. This useful app compiles data on your Instagram account, such as your posting frequency, audience demographics, and top performing hashtags, so you can better understand how to improve your profile and your reach. Now, let’s check out how you may use Instagram Insights to spread the word about your photographs.

Using Instagram’s Analytics

Let’s get down to brass tacks and cover groundwork like navigating to and utilising Instagram’s Insights. The significance of the various charts, timings, and numerical values will next be examined. Remember that you need a business or artist account on Instagram in order to view your Insights.

Interpreting Instagram’s Metrics

Under the Instagram Insights section, you’ll see data for the previous week. Your account’s recent triumphs will be highlighted in the Recent Highlights section at the top of the page. You can see how many accounts you’ve reached, how many new followers you’ve earned, and how many likes and comments you’ve gotten by checking the highlights.

A more comprehensive summary of your Instagram Insights may be seen below the Highlights section. Take a look at this breakdown to see what each measure means.

Accounts Reached: See who’s been looking at your profile using

It’s possible to learn a lot by looking at the Accounts Reached section. You can see how many people saw your posts and Stories, how many people clicked over to your profile after seeing one of your posts, and on what days your content was the most successful.

You can find out how many individuals visited your website or opened your email with the Accounts Reached function. You can see which of your Instagram posts and Stories had the most engagement and how many people saw them by clicking on this page.

Content Interactions: Discover the most popular updates and tales

Content Interactions digs further than Accounts Reached to show you which of your Instagram posts and Stories are getting the most attention from your followers by way of things like likes, comments, saves, and shares. Your articles and Stories will reach more people if they are engaging with other users.

Total Followers Count: Monitor Your Instagram Account’s Success

If you go to the Total Followers page, you can view a detailed breakdown of your Instagram following, including the number of new followers, the number of lost followers, and information on your followers’ locations, ages, and peak times for Instagram use.

Quantitative Analysis of Instagram Posts

You may access Post Insights for a specific post by clicking on the post and then pressing See Insights under the photo, in addition to the Instagram Insights option in your profile menu. The total number of reactions to your post, including likes, comments, shares, and saves, will be displayed. And if you swipe up, you’ll see how many people saw your profile, how many people interacted with it, how many people followed you as a result of that post, and how many people saw it overall.

Here’s how you can use Instagram’s analytics to promote your photography account and get more followers.

Now that you understand your Instagram Insights, you can put that knowledge to good use. Here are a few suggestions for how you may leverage those numbers to get your photos out there and build your account.

Build your following by posting relevant content

You can learn a lot about your audience from the Total Followers section of the page. The question is, where do they actually reside? What are their ages? Put these statistics to use so you can submit pictures that your followers will really like. On the flip hand, if you want to know if your photography is appealing to a certain group of people, you may use the data presented here to gauge your success. The majority of your followers may be New Yorkers, but if you’re a landscape photographer in Florida, you should probably focus on building your following in your own state.

Locate the optimal Instagram posting times

You may also see when your audience is most engaged on Instagram by checking the Total Followers section. You may use these times and dates as a guideline for when to share your images online. You should be prepared to engage with Instagram followers around 3pm on weekdays if that is when they are most active on the platform.

Boost the number of people who interact with your social media updates

An Instagram post’s potential for exposure increases in proportion to the number of people who interact with it. Likes, comments, bookmarking, and sharing are all types of engagement with a content. While all forms of participation count, not all of them are the same.

In the section labelled “Content Interactions,” the most popular articles are displayed below. Can you spot a pattern? If you posed a question or invited discussion on your readers’ favourite locations in Los Angeles in the caption. Follow the lead of the posts that receive the most comments and likes while crafting your own.

Communicate more effectively with your target market by using Story

Even though photography is your main interest, you shouldn’t ignore Instagram Stories as a communication channel. If you’re already using Stories to expand your business, you can see which ones have been the most successful by clicking the “Accounts Reached” button and then “Top Stories.” Do you know what sorts of stories are most popular with your readers? Are these people’s real life tales? Images from the making of your photographs? Videos? You should continue posting Stories that are performing well.

Boosting your photography career using Instagram Insights