To help businesses make the most of Instagram in 2020, we’ve collected and analysed data from a massive sample of posts (80 million and counting) for the third year in a row.

The 2019 partnership between Mention and HubSpot saw the two companies combine their knowledge to produce a 53-page report.

Every year, we make small improvements. This Instagram study is the most thorough analysis of user behaviour to date, and it’s completely free. Thomas Legrand, Mention Data Scientist

What, if anything, does Instagram teach us about the year 2020?

Instagram has had a fascinating 2019.

An ever-expanding Facebook family

To begin, Facebook is branching out into “sub-services” (such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger). When you launch a Facebook app, you are subtly reminded that it is a part of Facebook.

What’s the big deal for your company?

It’s possible that the sibling firms would be affected by the modifications and adjustments that were just announced on one platform.

After the Cambridge Analytica incident, the Facebook Group’s reputation took a hit and has yet to fully recover.

Facebook has spent the last several years trying to strike a balance between ensuring the security of its users with frequent algorithm adjustments and maintaining a successful user experience (UX) formula.

Instagram’s decision in 2019 to hide like numbers for normal users was one of the most eye-catching and risky experiments/updates.

“We are very comfortable doing that if, in the end, it makes people more comfortable expressing themselves and sharing on Instagram” Vice President of Product, Instagram

To provide the greatest possible service to its consumers, Instagram is not hesitant to shake things up.

A vibrant group with rapid expansion

With over 1 billion active users every month, marketers can’t afford to ignore Instagram. Additionally, the great majority of those users have deep relationships with brands on the site:

According to Instagram (December 2019), 90% of users are following at least one company.
According to Instagram (December 2019), over 200 million monthly users access business profiles.

We know that not all of the approximately 8 million business accounts on Instagram (Adweek) are using the platform effectively.

However, before putting in the time and effort to develop a plan, they need to have a firm grasp on what the shifting trends are, how they will affect their business, and what will help them stand out in this more crowded field.

To ensure our readers have access to the most recent Instagram statistics and insights, we have compiled a third report.
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Some things, like hashtags, never go away

“Maturing” Instagram users. At the very least, our three-year-long hashtag research demonstrates that many Instagram users often employ the same handful of hashtags.

For corporations, what does this portend?

They can use the editing guidelines it provides.

If you want to get followers and likes on Instagram, you should post positive, motivational material. The fact that the top hashtags haven’t changed much throughout the years is more evidence of this pattern.

To be sure, choosing the most popular hashtags is no guarantee of increased interaction.

Download the Instagram Engagement Report 2020 to find out the best practises for using hashtags to increase interaction, the most engaging hashtags of 2019, and the optimal number of hashtags for a given post.

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