Is the question of how often you should post on Instagram plaguing your mind? Well, we figured it out.

Instagram: How Frequently Should You Update Your Profile?

This societal problem is like the Fort Knox of problems. The answer to that question, we’re willing to wager, has eluded you a million times.

With the introduction of the Instagram algorithm, marketers have had a much more difficult time determining the optimal posting schedule and frequency. A non-chronological feed effectively implies that no one can anticipate when their postings will be seen by their followers, even while regularly monitoring activity numbers, because so many factors are now at work in relation to a material advertising strategy.

This is a challenge for companies who want to maximise the output of all visual assets on this crucial medium. Marketing a brand in the modern day is simultaneously more successful than ever and more difficult than ever because to the proliferation of social media platforms. Proximity to customers allows for closer interaction with and deeper understanding of a brand’s target market than ever before, yet its rapid development makes it difficult to keep up with, much alone master.

While using Instagram, does it matter how often you post?

Yes. If you want to succeed on Instagram, consistency is key, so make sure you update frequently. If you commit to posting at least once a day, you’ll demonstrate to your followers that you’re actively maintaining your account and are full of valuable content. If your posting schedule is infrequent and inconsistent, your followers may lose interest and decide to unfollow you since they don’t feel like they can rely on you for consistent brand or content updates.

Instagram Posting Frequency Advice

When it comes to Instagram, things are continuously changing, but the numbers are always spot on, like a prompter’s whisper from backstage. With audiences being inundated with material at an ever-increasing rate, every second, reaching the widest possible audience with each Instagram post is a key metric for success.

We evaluated the account reach of 1,400 companies that posted between once per day and five times per day over the previous six months to determine if there was a correlation between the frequency of posts and the number of people who saw them. This is what we uncovered.

You may expect a +3.39% individual increase in reach for that asset if you post to Instagram once per day, with a subsequent decline in reach. The reach of each asset might drop by 3.12% every day if you publish twice a day. The average reach decreases by 6.17 percentage points for every additional post per day.

It’s true that the quantity of daily posts has an effect on the exposure your creative resources receive. The more content you share on your Instagram account, the less exposure each one post will get. Hence, the more frequently you post, the wider your audience will be. Although if the reach on individual posts has a tendency to decrease as volume increases, the total number of impressions will still be nearly twice what it would be if you posted less frequently. Finding the optimal formula for your brand’s Instagram strategy and objectives comes down to some basic arithmetic.

Always keep in mind that these are only averages and that some accounts may naturally be much higher or lower than the norm.

The Benefits of Using a Scheduler for Instagram

The time-consuming portion, determining how frequently you should post, is done now. Using a scheduling tool is essential for keeping up a regular publishing schedule on Instagram. Keeping on top of your content strategy and posting as often as you like has never been easier, thanks to tools like the multi-channel scheduler available to social media managers.

How many clips can you upload daily?

As a general rule, reels should be handled the same way as any other portion of your feed. You shouldn’t spam your followers’ feeds with many reels every day in the hopes that one of them may resonate. Try to limit yourself to posting a smart and interesting video once a day, at the most. Instagram Reels by Dash Hudson provides a robust set of tools for digging into the details of content performance, including the ability to compare material based on user-defined criteria such as content genre, featured author, and more.

Does it make a difference if I post on Instagram every day?

Among the greatest ways to gain followers and participation on Instagram is to keep your profile updated often. A daily posting schedule is encouraged if you have enough useful information to share with your audience on a daily basis. But, it’s best not to post more than once a day, as interaction drops off significantly after that.

When should you post the most and least on Instagram?

While the greatest (and worse) days to post may vary based on the nature of your material and your target audience, there are a few days that have proven to be more successful than others in the past. Brands will often experience more interaction on their posts on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, but Sundays will perform poorly owing to the inherent nature of the day as the come down after the weekend.

In 2023, what is the optimal frequency for Instagram posts?