Influencer marketing has a proven track record of boosting revenue, brand loyalty, and brand exposure. One of the best strategies for boosting business performance is influencer marketing on Instagram, which is why more and more firms are allocating resources to their influencer social media marketing campaigns.

To achieve the finest results, you must adopt the proper plan.

This post will assist you in developing your influencer marketing, whether you are just starting off or have collaborated with several influencers.

Continue reading to find out more reasons why you should include Instagram in your marketing plan. Then, we give you a look at three motivational case studies that give you practical examples of how influencer marketing will be done in 2023.

Why should influencer marketing use Instagram?

Influencers and companies alike like Instagram, which is closely followed by YouTube as the leading platform for influencer marketing. Why? Let’s look at the reasons Instagram is so well-liked for influencer marketing.

Large reach

One billion people use Instagram each month, making it one of the most widely used social networking sites in the world. This means that marketers may use Instagram to connect with a big user base across various demographics globally and connect with their target audience.

High rate of engagement

Despite having more users than TikTok or Instagram, other platforms like Facebook cannot compete with them in terms of engagement.

Influencer Marketing Hub claims that depending on their user base, TikTok’s organic engagement rates range from 3% to 9%.

Nevertheless, a TrackMaven study found that per 1,000 followers, Instagram produces the greatest average engagements each post.

First preference of influencers

Influencers like Instagram 78% of the time. Facebook was mentioned as the platform that only 2% of people preferred! Since Instagram is where influencers hang out, they are accustomed to producing material for there and are most likely to have a sizable following there.

Therefore, the obvious initial choice for your influencer marketing plan would be Instagram.

For every dollar invested in Instagram influencer marketing, a $6.50 return is generated. Successful influencers have a lot of power over their fans (the name says it all! ), so when they recommend a product, their followers are inclined to buy it and give it a try.

Original content

The term “authenticity” is frequently used in influencer marketing, and with good reason. The typical Instagram user wants to interact with real individuals whose lives are similar to their own, not with celebrities and models whose lives are constantly flawless.

Demand for authentic material, which includes actual talk, behind-the-scenes insights, and #nofilter, has recently surged.

Small-time influencers

Brands are slowly beginning to understand the potential of nano- or micro-influencers, who interact with a smaller audience and are more relatable. Even though they may only have a small number of followers, marketers can use them to advertise their products because their audience is frequently very engaged and has a high level of trust in the influencer.

Extended, live storytelling and videos

Visitors adore video. An influencer’s story, video, or live video demonstrating your product and discussing how they use it in their daily lives is more real and genuine than a contrived product shoot.

Since they are aware of this, Instagram is expanding the range of video forms they offer, including Instagram Live, reels, and IGTV, its long-form video platform.

For brands, this is a fantastic chance to raise their profile.
How Everdrop uses influencer marketing is as follows:

1. Monitoring brand references by conducting a keyword search for “everdrop”

The influencer marketing team at Everdrop keeps tabs on the media, companies, and influencers who are talking about them.

2. Verifying the click-through links in influencer stories

They make care to keep track of the number of sales they get from particular influencers using discount codes. Every influencer is given a specific link to share in their stories, and they monitor the number of swipe up links to determine if any influencers fail to do so.

3. Comparing reach, media value, mentions, and interactions when evaluating campaigns.

By establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) that Everdrop can internally compare to other efforts, they can assess the success and improve upcoming initiatives. They provide a thorough report that includes all campaign statistics, including content, brand mentions, reach, media value, and interactions.

4. Locating influencers by using relevant keyword searches

By searching all influencer accounts for phrases relevant to them, such as “nachhaltig,” “sustainability,” “reinige,” or “putze,” Everdrop finds new brand ambassadors.

5. Reports on all content from influencers

Monitoring during and reporting after an influencer campaign are important components. To keep everyone informed and on board with the most recent triumphs in influencer marketing, results are consistently shared with the team.

An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Influencer Marketing