Social media have rapidly expanded over the past decade, and now permeate nearly every area of our lives. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made it easier than ever to make new friends all over the world and share our thoughts and opinions with them. However, the impact of these sites goes well beyond mere communication. Facebook and Instagram have become helpful for businesses of all sizes to expand their consumer bases, promote new goods, and increase brand awareness.

The proliferation of social media sites has caused major shifts in how businesses approach their marketing efforts. Once upon a time, a company’s marketing strategy consisted only of placing ads in print and broadcast media. Now that young people’s primary source of entertainment is no longer television but their mobile devices, companies must adapt.

Because of this seismic shift in advertising, new tools have emerged to help businesses better utilise social media. Here are six strategies for internet marketers to increase their Instagram following and visibility.

1. Use marketing automation software to save time and effort in this department.

Using an Instagram automation tool to communicate with users even when you’re too busy to do so is a simple approach to quickly and easily grow your Instagram following.

This Instagram bot works around the clock to find your target audience, engage with their posts by like and commenting and following key individuals, and generally boost your profile’s visibility. When a firm lacks the manpower to devote to social media marketing, these instruments become the most efficient means of establishing the brand. Automation solutions use AI to help you get the most out of your efforts and gain organic followers.

2. Dedicate some effort to creating interesting captions

Instagram users should put as much thought into the caption as they do the photo itself. Marketers may increase user engagement by creating content that tells a narrative. Never share a photo or video on social media without first providing some context for your followers in the post’s caption. There are no incentives for users to spend more time on your profile or interact with you in the comments, but you may start a conversation, introduce someone to a new concept, or become a follower by providing detailed explanations.

If you’re a caterer trying to drum up business, you might, for instance, promote your services by sharing videos of your chefs at work, describing the dishes they’re preparing and the materials they’re using. There will be a lot of likes and comments from users who are curious about the recipe’s preparation. In addition, consumers will engage with your material by tagging their friends they believe would enjoy it. A excellent technique to gain new followers and make relationships with people is to tell a story via your postings.

3. Communicate with prominent users

Interacting with influential individuals of the community you’re marketing to is a terrific approach to get users engaged with your company. If, for instance, you run a small business selling pet supplies and accessories, you may promote your products by connecting with influential Instagram users or accounts that often post photographs of pets.

By participating in the comments section, you may increase the likelihood that members of your target demographic will discover your profile and start engaging with your material. These swayers don’t have to be famous people or even experts; they just need to have clout within your target audience.

4. Be aware of current hashtag trends

Brands may reach a large audience on Instagram by keeping tabs on what hashtags are trending. Hashtags are words or phrases used on social media to group information together and promote discussion within a community. Hashtags are a popular way for Instagram users to connect with new followers and discover material they’ll enjoy. As a marketer, you might discover new hashtags to employ by perusing the posts of notable people.

Finding a trending hashtag allows you to target a larger audience with your content by using that hashtag into your posts. You may find out more about the groups using a certain hashtag by checking its popularity on other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Using famous hashtags in moderation will surely increase your brand’s profile on Instagram. However, overusing hashtags or using the wrong hashtags might have the opposite effect.

5. Advertise your company in different places online

Promoting your company on other social media sites, such as Facebook and Snapchat, is a simple and effective approach to increase your Instagram following. There is a huge audience to tap into, since more and more people are turning to these sites instead of newspapers and magazines for their news and entertainment.

Share links to your Instagram account on other social media sites to attract more followers. Incentives like discounts and exclusive deals can be offered to people who follow your account and interact with your posts.

6. while sharing fresh information, tell tales.

Because of Instagram Stories’ meteoric rise in popularity, businesses now have another channel through which to reach Instagram users. Sharing updates on your profile’s fresh material is a terrific strategy to get more followers.

Invite your audience to your site to view the fresh material. A great strategy to rapidly expand your audience with minimal outlay of resources is to collaborate with other businesses to cross-promote on each other’s Stories.

How to Increase Your Instagram Following in 6 Simple Steps