The organic use of social media can be a significant driver of qualified lead generation. So as to help you get going, here are a few pointers.

Although paid social media initiatives are commonly thought of as the most effective means of generating visitors, organic social media traffic should not be discounted. (Of all the non-organic and non-paid traffic to websites, 25.6% comes from social media.)

People who find your brand through organic means on social media are evaluating it seriously.

57% of social media followers are more likely to make a purchase from the brands they follow. The problem comes in providing relevant content and maximising this traffic to create leads after you start getting visitors from social media.

Here are four strategies and tools for efficiently capturing leads from organic social media traffic.

Set up an exit intent pop-up that completely takes over the current page.

Full-screen pop-ups, also known as exit intent popups, appear when a visitor is on the verge of leaving your website (which is tracked through user movements).

In contrast to standard pop-ups, exit-intent pop-ups provide a website’s final opportunity to keep a visitor on the page.

A clear call to action and a refocus of the visitor’s attention on your offer make that form of pop-up an efficient lead generator.

Draw in the crowds with a:

Use this freebie discount coupon today!
Alternative motivators
Create interest with a captivating image or animation and clear, succinct text. Provide a “close” button so users can easily leave the page.

Exit intent pop-ups on social media can also be customised.

If someone lands on your site from Instagram, for instance, you might want to direct them to your most popular Instagram photos and videos. Likewise, this may be done with any number of other types of social media. Your social media following might also receive a special discount if you create and share a coupon code with them.

Hello Bar is a piece of software that may be used to implement exit-intent pop-ups, which have been shown to enhance conversions. In particular, it has several qualities that make it a powerful lead-gathering tool:

Popular email marketing services like MailChimp, AWeber, and Campaign Monitor may be integrated with it without much trouble, allowing for the simple extraction of subscriber data.
You may target users based on characteristics like device type (mobile, desktop, or both), location, frequency of visits, previous page visited, number of visits, URL path, and more. Those settings allow you to send targeted, relevant, and personalised pop-up messages.

Insert pop-ups based on visitor path analysis using Google Analytics.

While Facebook may be a significant source of traffic, conversion rates may be very poor.

Do you ever become curious about the flow of traffic on your website and where people leave? You need to understand customer behaviour, which helps you optimise your website content to acquire more leads and revenues.

The Google Analytics Users Flow report provides the most reliable access to this data. It’s a visual depiction of how visitors navigate across your site. Put it to work tracing your website’s clickstream, identifying trends, and counting pageviews. In addition, you learn more about how visitors use your website.

See the report in the Audience section of Google Analytics. Pages with high abandonment rates are highlighted in red.

Install pop ups with greatest exit rate

The percentage of visitors that leave a page after seeing it is known as the exit rate. Pages with high bounce rates indicate broken links that should be fixed.

People exit pages without converting for several reasons, such as:

Slow page loads
Lackluster page layout
Issues with the Copy’s Confusing Navigation
A page with a departure rate of 65.69% is shown in the following sample. This is a truly terrifying number. Pop-ups on those pages can stop it from happening.

Make your own fun and engaging tests

Interactivity is becoming increasingly important in content marketing. Among this type of interactive content, quizzes have exploded in popularity.

No one can resist a good quiz. Enjoyable and interesting, really. They’re effective at arousing interest and pique in their audiences.

Therefore, why not use quizzes to attract potential customers? Using social media, you may promote an online quiz and drive traffic there.

Make a survey that people will like taking by asking lighthearted, simple questions. Before revealing the results, have the quiz takers provide their basic contact information such name and email address. That’s a sensible strategy for bringing in serious prospects.

Make niche-related quizzes and put your users to the test on their expertise. The final step can include a value-add that helps expand their horizons, like a free e-book or whitepaper, along with their score.

By analysing quiz results, you may divide your audience into more manageable subsets and nurture leads with more targeted content.

While it is true that many businesses struggle with lead generation, one of the most significant sources of high-quality leads is organic social media.

You shouldn’t underestimate the value of organic social media traffic. Implementing these four strategies will maximise your organic social traffic and lead generation efforts.

How To Gain More Leads From Social Media Traffic