In this piece, I’ll provide three easy strategies for improving the engagement of your Instagram account. The advice is basic, but like I stated, it might be the key to taking your account to the next level.

First, Craft an Outstanding Biography

First impressions are crucial, and on Instagram, that means making sure your bio stands out. Your bio should be optimised in such a manner that new visitors immediately understand who you are and what you’re all about.

Imagine your Instagram profile as a biography for the product or service you are marketing. Do you operate a store? Great! What exactly do you sell? The best denim for men? Crafted by hand? Inform the audience in a straightforward manner. If your firm has a tagline, including it here would be a great touch. Feel free to add some humour, but always remember to keep it short and sweet!

You should tell folks what you want them to do once you’ve explained who you are. A compelling bio always includes a call to action, whether it’s to visit and browse your online business, subscribe to your newsletter, or even just follow you.

Determine Hashtags

We have the bio down, so that’s great. Now, let’s discuss hashtags, sometimes known as the pound symbol in the past. Hashtags are a fantastic technique to gain exposure for your images and gain new followers. Finding the best ones, though, isn’t always easy. The following are three rules to follow while choosing hashtags:

Specificity is the number one rule! For instance, you may use the hashtag #LuxuryWatch if you’re marketing high-end timepieces.

Two, keep up with the times. Hashtags like #picture and #watch are too broad and should be avoided. You may get your images seen by individuals who share your interests by using hashtags. You may attract folks who are truly interested in your page by employing a niche-specific hashtag.

Observe what others are doing and take note! Research other popular hashtags being used by influential users in your field. When you click on a hashtag, you can see how often it is used by others, helping you choose whether or not it is worth using yourself.

Have a plan for posting content.

Since Instagram is a photo-sharing app, it’s vital that your photographs and your account as a whole have a high aesthetic appeal to your followers. Your profile is a representation of you, therefore you get to decide how you want to be portrayed.

When curating your material, stick to a consistent theme by sharing updates that reflect your personality. Visually, you have a lot of leeway to experiment with different themes; just pick one and stay with it. I’ve seen that some of the most successful Instagram accounts stick to a certain theme or aesthetic, such as posting only black and white photographs, only colourful photos, only quotations, only flat lay photos, or only product photos.

Don’t stray too far from your chosen topic. It’s also never too late to begin. You needn’t get rid of your previous posts, but feel free to repurpose them in light of your new topic!

Boost Your Instagram Following In 3 Simple Steps!